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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Wednesday October 29, 2014 (Steve Left GH 2yrs ago)
(Oct 29, 2014)
It is Halloween and the morning of Franco and Carly’s wedding. Franco gets a conflicting news update in regards to his strategy. Despite some red flags, Sonny must tell Shawn whether or not to proceed in his plan to take down Franco. Jordan and Shawn have another tense encounter about TJ. Anna cautions Sonny not to mess with Ava. Carly tries to dissuade Michael from continuing his AJ investigation. Nina and her co-conspirator prepare their ambush. Morgan gets a sense that someone is watching the Brownstone, and decides to confront Sonny.
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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Tuesday October 28, 2014
(Oct 28, 2014)
It’s Beggars night in Port Charles and several of the kids, along with Patrick and Sam, get in the spirit with costumes. Josslyn looks to Spencer to help get her out of Carly and Franco’s wedding, and in the interim, Josslyn decides to team up with Spencer in his latest attempt to break up Emma and Cameron. Sam updates Patrick about the latest information regarding Luke. Sonny and Shawn are puzzled by Franco’s latest actions. Before the wedding, Carly has a girls night with Bobbie, but is taken aback when Bobbie asks her if she is having any doubts. Meanwhile, Franco and Scott have their own father-son bachelor bonding night. Nathan and Maxie get some advice from Diane to see if there are any ambiguities in their dilemma.
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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Monday October 27, 2014
(Oct 27, 2014)
Shawn begins to setup Sonny’s perpetrator in order to depose of Franco, while Franco continues to taunt Carly with his wedding surprise. Michael shares with Sonny whom he suspects murdered AJ. Tracy is anxious to discover if Luke has returned. Nina ascertains some interesting information regarding Ava’s baby. Elizabeth and Jake share a jubilant moment.
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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Friday October 24, 2014
(Oct 24, 2014)
Nina and Franco compare notes on where they stand on their revenge plans. Sonny’s conscience gets the best of him when he sees a vision from his past. Tracy ignores Ned’s appeals on her ELQ actions. At the end of the day, they learn that someone is waiting for Tracy. Rosalie is compelled to reveal the location of Ava, and Kiki warns Ava that someone is on her trail.
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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Thursday October 23 2014
(Oct 23, 2014)
Sonny senses some red flags on his strategy to bring down Franco, whereas he also continues to feel guilty about what he did to AJ. Franco is stringing Carly along while somewhat second guessing his own actions. John Doe runs into a random visitor. Tracy puts the fate of ELQ on the line in order to get Luke back. Alexis wards off Julian’s advances and provokes him on his illegal dealings. Dante persuades Olivia to tell Ned about her true feelings.
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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Wednesday October 22, 2014
(Oct 22, 2014)
John Doe lets Elizabeth know that he vaguely remembers hearing voices the night of his accident. Tracy informs Lulu, Dante, Sonny and Olivia about her Luke discoveries, and lets them in on her plan of action. Julian is jealous of Alexis and Ned’s relationship. A worried Kiki informs Morgan about what Michael has discovered.
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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Tuesday October 21, 2014
(Oct 21, 2014)
Nathan tries to track down Nina before her actions get her into trouble. Despite a minor hiccup, Nina’s plan remains intact and she reveals Rosalie’s secret to her cohort. While TJ and Jordan continue to argue about her involvement with the Jeromes, Jordan contemplates about coming clean. Unbeknownst to them, Sonny and Shawn are unaware that Franco could throw a wrench in their scheme. Ava learns whether or not her baby is out of the woods. Michaels shares his latest findings on AJ with Kiki and the PCPD.
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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Monday October 20, 2014
(Oct 20, 2014)
Franco continues to build the blocks for his overall master plan and seeks help from an unlikely source. Meanwhile, Sonny fine tunes his ploy against Franco by setting up a fall guy. Nina decides an improbable person may be of use to her in order to carry out her plot of revenge. Sabrina attempts to make her wrong right. Silas informs both Kiki and Nathan about his run-in with Nina. Morgan puts Ava at ease.
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