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Friday July 31, 2015 *Nina WIth knife Over Silas. Silas Dead*
(Jul 31, 2015)
There's a slow thaw between Franco & Nina. Franco makes a devastating discovery. Laura reveals to Elizabeth that she knows her secret. Patrick has an update on Hayden’s condition. Michael confronts Nikolas about the ELQ takeover.
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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Cleaning out thousands of tags inactive
http://search.fotki.com/lisaghscreencaps/ you may notice I'm clearing alot of This area out of order. meaning alot of dead character that no longer active will be untagged that mean you may notice that What's new will go out of order on dates, that cause I'm cleaning thousands of tags out there there but just untagged, just gotta remember dates the characters on.. and being the What new dates will be out of order you gotta remember there there, just look that all it takes i don't miss a day and you all no this.. soo don't Twitter or FB Me about this issue I posted here letting all know.. I don't have time to answers why the dates aren't in order that just tell me you didn't read this then soo remember dates aren't missing just That I'm untagging pics and will go out of order and there there just look.. And Yes All OLTL Character are going untagged.

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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Wednesday July 29, 2015
Nina tries to end things with Ric, but Ric manages to manipulate her into staying in the marriage for her own protection. Silas makes a shocking discovery. Elizabeth feels torn when she witnesses Jake interacting with Little Jake. Sonny learns his business has been hit again.

Last 15minutes of GH Will be missing I was able to get some in yesturday, but they will be posted Saturday I will be here to do them friday but not thursday cap thank for your patients
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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Tuesday July 28, 2015
(Jul 28, 2015)
“Denise”/Ava talks to Nina about her relationship with Franco. Ric conspires with Madeline about how best to proceed with Nina. Nathan and Jordan discuss reopening the Avery kidnapping case. Franco confronts Morgan about his relationship with Denise. Ava pressures Franco to hold up his end of the bargain.
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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Monday July 27, 2015 *Anthony Geary's FareWell*
(Jul 27, 2015)
Sonny runs into Luke at the docks where the two share some memories and Sonny learns about Luke’s plans. Nina is torn between listening to her brother Nathan and staying with Ric. Nathan makes a critical discovery in Nina’s room. Franco threatens to reveal Ava’s secret. Madeline thinks Maxie isn’t good enough for Nathan. Dillon proposes an idea to Valerie to remedy the situation with Dante and Lulu.
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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Friday July 24, 2015
(Jul 24, 2015)
Luke has a poignant moment with Bobbie and fills her in on his plan. Laura updates Scott on her adventure and later admits that she is harboring a secret. Madeline abruptly interrupts Maxie and Nathan’s dinner and explains that she is worried about Nina. Ric continues to play with Nina’s emotions. Franco tries to convince Ava to tell Kiki the truth about her relationship with Morgan.
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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Thursday July 23, 2015
(Jul 23, 2015)
While Luke contemplates his next move, he is expectantly visited by three spirits from his past. Lulu vents to Maxie about what is going on with Dante, while Dante opens up to Nathan about his marriage issues. Brad drops a major bombshell onto Lucas. Sabrina and Michael spend a romantic afternoon together.
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*LisaW's GH Screencaps*
Wedesday July 22, 2015
(Jul 22, 2015)
Michael seeks Luke’s permission to move forward with the AJ Quartermaine clinic on the site of Luke’s childhood home. Later in the day, Luke makes one last visit to his home and becomes melancholy. Due to recent circumstances, Elizabeth is overcome with guilt about keeping Jake’s identity a secret. Laura questions Nikolas about his recent behaviors. Regrettably, Brad tells Lucas that he cannot marry him.
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